Eureka Springs, Arkansas

America's Victorian Village!

A Brief History

Finding Us

One of the great things about Eureka Springs is the pleasant average temperatures during all 4 seasons.

We average 10" of snow a year

We average 45" of rain a year

For current weather conditions:

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‚ÄčNative Americans visited this area of the Ozarks through the centuries, always visiting but never really living here.

That's because to them this was sacred ground. They came here for healing! Healing by the mineral waters of the 1,200 plus springs that cover this section of the Ozark Mountains.

In the early 1800's the first settlers arrived here hunting for and finding an abundance of wildlife. The wildlife was here because of the spring water. Very quickly the early settlers began to experience their own healings, and word spread quickly.

Finally in 1879, with about 400 people living around the springs, they decided it was time to become an actual First Class City of the State of Arkansas. So, on July 4, 1879, Eureka Springs was born. Named by a 16 year old boy, named Burton "Buck" Saunders.

Within 4 years that 400 people grew to be over 4,000 and eventually growing to be over 20,000. Making us the 4th largest city in the state of Arkansas. But, oh how times have changed!

To find out even more about Eureka Springs, you really need to take the Eureka Springs Tram Tour.

If you are even more interested in our rich history, be sure to visit the Eureka Springs Historical Museum, located on Main Street, downtown.